In the period of 2001 -2010, the Country Development strategy of Vietnam was intensifying industrialization and modernization in order to 2020 Vietnam will become an industrial country. In which, development orientation of energy industries and infrastructure was emphasized.

Energy development is one ahead step to meet the requirements of socio-economic development and ensure national energy safety. With a strategy to use good of hydroelectric sources (in combination with irrigation), oil and gas to develop a balance power generation.

Infrastructure is also one first step to meet the requirements of socio-economic development, national defense and security.

The transport system ensures safe, smooth in year-round circulation and modernizes one more step. Dike systems, irrigation systems, and other systems such as electricity grid, telephones, post and telecommunications, health care, schools have been strengthened and developed to the commune level as a basic standard for socio-economic development.

In the general context of the country, in 2006 Hoa Hiep was established to accompany Vietnam’s industry to contribute to the country’s development by participating in the market of Energy and Infrastructure.

Founded by a team of experienced Mechanical Engineers who are experts in construction project management, having many years in the field of construction, Hoa Hiep focuses on providing value to our customers through adopting safety project solutions, quality, and outstanding services on-time faster than other selection in the market.