Nhon Trach 2 CCPP Project (750MW)

Nhon Trach District, Dong Nai Province, Vietnam


Nhon Trach 2 Power Plant, invested by Nhon Trach 2 Petroleum Power Joint Stock Company (PVPower Nhon Trach 2). The plant uses F-generation combined gas turbine technology, configuration 2/2/1, including 3 units (2 gas turbines, 2 heat recovery steamers and 1 steam turbine), using main fuel as natural gas and is registered under the United Nations Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). The total capacity of 750 MW, providing about 4.5 billion kWh/year, will contribute to basically solve the current power shortage in the southern provinces and cities.

The project is divided into 2 phases. Phase 1 put two gas turbine generators GT11 and GT12 into operation of the Open Cycle to ensure national grid security in the dry season 2010. Phase 2 put the entire plant into operation of the Combined Cycle.


Petro Viet Nam Corporation


This is a project that is rated as having the 4 most: the safest, most effective, the fastest construction schedule and the most economical.

When participating in the project, Hoa Hiep was the first private contractor to sign a direct contract with Doosan and Simen while some other Vietnamese contractors did not meet the management requirements to directly sign the contract with the main contractor.


HHE has implemented a similar project, so there is enough experience to implement this project, plus available resources and skilled staff, skills to meet all requirements of the investor to complete the project on schedule.