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HHE is one of the leading private enterprises in the field of industrial construction, established in the early stages of development industrial, and private economy.
With the foundation of profoundly experienced resources in the field of construction, HHE has implemented and installed for SMPE packages (steel structure, super-heavy equipment, pipelines and technological pipelines, power, and instrumentation) for key national projects such as Thermal power plants, Cement plants, Petrochemical refineries …
With well-known partners for quality control, HHE has gained many certifications and certificates from domestic and foreign partners for its products and services, including the sole contractor certification in Vietnam won the quality award of Hitachi Group (2013) in the field of Industrial Construction.
Since its inception in 2006, HHE has developed and continues to develop its internal resources, skills, and capabilities to cover all scope from construction and installation up to EPC.

HHE’s management team and experts have over 20 years of experience in the fields of Industrial Construction, Civil Construction, Fabrication and installation for Steel structure, Mechanical Equipment, Piping system (SMP), Electrical and Equipment (E&I). Our staff are engineering experts whom has recognized throughout the industry for their extensive experience and attention in detail.
With the advantage of understanding indigenous human culture, we always optimize efficiency through developing human resources with the spirit of innovation, learning, and creativity to improve the efficiency of using local resources at projects.
We always put project goals and customer interests first through Safety, schedule, quality, and efficiency solutions. Always listening, learning, and building relationships with customers to solve work most effectively.
Up to now, HHE is recognized in the market by experience, trust, and customer satisfaction through the implementation of projects with Safety-Quality-Progress-Efficiency results.

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